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Sunday, October 5, 2014


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WEST TEXAS DEER HUNT, 2560 acres, High Fenced, $2500

This is an exceptionally good deal on a great West Texas ranch. This 4 day Texas Hunting Lease includes fantastic lodging and semi-guided service. Near 100% success rate on bucks in the 130 to 160 gross inch bucks. We will only harvest 10 mature bucks on the property this season. Click On the link text to go to the web page to see the lodging and get more information.
West Texas Deer Hunt, 2500 acres, High Fenced

Near 100% success on 130-160 gross inch bucks

Saturday, April 26, 2014


COON CAGE is a varmint guard for 55 gallon barrels. 20 inches in diameter. 14 gauge and 1X2 spacing. 12 inches deep. This coon cage comes as a kit so there is just a slight bit of assembly to do. All the parts and instructions are included. $20 each plus shipping. You want a varmint guard that makes it very difficult for raccoons to be able to get their arms in all the way to reach the spin plate of your feeder unit. This is why you want a large diameter, circular cage.
Corn and protein is expensive. How many times have you filled up your feeder, set you timer and thought the corn would last a long time. During the summer months, you will not be going out to the deer lease very often to check feeders. Make your corn and protein last by getting a large coon cage. If you want to go the extra mile, get a set of Coon Stoppers in addition to a coon cage. You can buy both of these products on the following web page. Just click on the link text to go there.
Coon Cage Varmint Guard 20 inch diameter $20 plus shipping.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


How to keep coons from getting corn from your feeder ? Coon Stoppers are the answer. They attach to the feeder legs easily. Save money and corn by using Coon Stoppers. The raccoons can not climb up the legs of the feeder. The patent pending design provides needle sharp barbs on the edges that the raccoons find almost impossible to climb. The other cool thing about Coon Stoppers is that when the spin corn hits the metal, it makes quite a loud sound and the deer can hear this sound like a dinner bell going off. You can purchase Coon Stoppers at the following web page.
Just click on the link text. Coon Stoppers keep raccoons from stealing corn from your feeder.

Coon Stoppers keep raccoons from climbing your feeder legs.